The closed beta is up and running!

Today we reached the next step into the development of Italian Vendetta 3.0. On this nice day in the summer of 2011 we launched the closed Beta of the brand new epos of Italian Vendetta. Around 50 people will start today with exploring the new Italian Vendetta universe for the first time. Giving us feedback, get the game in balance.

We will ask from those players to give their view once in a time about the game. Those views will be shared with you on this blog, so also the people who don’t participate in the closed Beta can see what’s happening in Italian Vendetta and see why it’s so great ;) .

If you do want to check the landing page, you can see it on beta.italianvendetta.com. If you want to join but you forgot to send me an e-mail. You can still send me an e-mail and you can maybe be part of the next group of testers.

Anyway we will keep you posted ;) .


NB: If you applied and didn’t get an e-mail from us, please contact us.

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Details about the closed beta

When you look at your date and time on your computer screen, you will notice that it’s almost the 9th of August. On this special date (it’s also Divicio’s Birthday, so a big hurray for him!) the people who sent me an e-mail and applied for the closed beta will get the opportunity to test Italian Vendetta. But when exactly can you expect to play it for the first time? And what is the procedure?

Firstly the closed Beta will launch tomorrow on 20.00 (8.00 PM) GMT. Closely before that point of time, the people who applied to participate in the closed Beta will get an e-mail with their Username, Password (Randomly generated), and the URL where they can find the closed Beta.

After reading the comments on my last post I want to stress again that this isn’t a real version. You will get the opportunity to play the game, but for testing purposes not everything is available immediately and we will ask you regularly for feedback. Also your achievements in this version will be deleted after the closed Beta, so no glory and honour… Yet!



*Update* We are experiencing some delay, hold on! It will be online in a few moments in a browser near you.

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Want to participate in the closed beta?

Hello everybody! First of all, thanks for all your responses about the screenshots. It was a pleasure reading them all, and those screenshots are just the beginning, because as you all know the 9th of August is approaching and that is the official launch date of the closed Beta. In which you all can participate, but first come, first serve.  Because the word already says it, it’s closed so we got limited spots.

Before you sign-up we want to explain the meaning of a closed Beta. A Beta version is Not a real version.  Yes, you can play, and yes, you can do a lot of stuff, but the game is not finished and a lot of functionalities are not available yet. What we ask from you is to play/test the game, give us feedback and report bugs. In this manner we can launch a stable Italian Vendetta without bugs and for example a great Killing Algorithm immediately. Although, all your rank progresses will be deleted when the real version starts, but the experience you will get with the new Italian Vendetta will of course not disappear. The only requirement we ask from you is that you can read and write English.

So do you want to help us, get a sneak peak at the new Italian Vendetta, get some experience with the new game and making the game better than every other game around? Then send an E-mail to Firestorm@italianvendetta.com with a short motivation why you want to help us and your desired username in the mail. We hope we will see you on the 9th of August!


Divicio and Firestorm

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As promised earlier this week, we are presenting to you… the long expected screenshots! You may wonder, why did you guys wait that long? Well, because we are excited about the new Italian Vendetta with the new lay-out and wanted to keep it a secret for a while because it unveils a lot of Italian Vendetta 3.0.

What you see below are two screenshots. One of the new login screen, and the other is the game interface. We added some cool new features to this interface, like the fact that it’s fully customizable to your needs (and we are talking here about on-the-fly real-time adjusting). This screenshot is just an example of an interface. You want extra menus? No problem. You want to have a long menu instead of a double column menu? No problem. The sky is the limit!

We’ve tried to create an environment in which you think that you are really the gangster. What you see is your desktop with papers and widgets which will make you feel that you are really sitting behind the desk. To strengthen this, you can move and resize the widgets in real-time all over your desk and you can remove or add some more new widgets. Just like you would do if you were sitting there yourself. You will even experience for example some blood on your desk when you get shot, instead of just a simple number-change in your health bar.

If you still prefer the old style lay-out, don’t be disappointed. Because for the people who prefer the old one we also spiced up the old lay-out and we will offer it also for people who don’t like change and for people who got really slow computers with low resolution display’s and ancient browsers.

Tell us what you think about it! You maybe got some questions? Feel free to ask. We are really curious of what you think about it.


Divicio & Firestorm

The new interface of Italian Vendetta 3.0, presenting steal a car

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Mea Culpa!

We think you all have noticed that not many blog posts appeared on this website lately; due to private circumstances we experienced some delay. But don’t think we stopped the development of Italian Vendetta. We love this game too much and we really believe it will be good. To show you all that we are making progress, a couple of screenshots of the game will appear on the website this week (this time for real). And we are really looking forward to your comments and feedback about it.

Above that, we proudly announce that we will start with the closed beta on the 9th of August. Yes, this means that you will all have the possibility to try the new Italian Vendetta this summer! Soon the prescription for the closed beta will start (we will keep you posted about it). Later on we will start the open beta and with the help of your feedback the definitive version will be released this year.

Lastly, we want to thank you all to keep confidence in us and in Italian Vendetta. We really appreciate that you still came to the website while we weren’t that active with posting. This shows us that we really have the best players in the world.

Best regards,

Divicio & Firestorm

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Breaking the Silence

Yes, yes! We are still here, and no worries we are still busy with Italian Vendetta 3.0. As such we are making good progress on the project and we are busy with the alpha stage (so the pre-alpha version is already done, which means that all the basic functions are done) and we already started with some preliminary testing.

Still we want to make sure that you keep a close eye on this blog, because in the upcoming days we want to share some interesting news/things with you guys. And of course we want your opinion about it!

We want to thank you all for your loyalty and the support you guys and girls gave and still give us. We really appreciate it!



Oh and ps: we are also going to blog more frequently to keep you all updated :)

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Happy New Cars

First of all, we of Italian Vendetta wish all of you a happy 2011! The year wherein we can all play the newest edition of Italian Vendetta. So 2011 will already be a blast!

Ok let’s go back to business, we finished in the past most magical time of the year the function steal a car. Forget everything you know about the cars in the last version, in the new Italian Vendetta you can steal more cars than ever (100+) whereby each car got his own feeling and every car is different. As you can see in the picture on the right we have a bunch of specifications for each car, which influence your success in group crimes and of course car races. No random outcome like it’s usual in other games, we let the facts and numbers speak (for the game adepts: like Gran Turismo 5 ;-) ).

Another new thing is that you can only steal cars in specific regions and with specific ranks. So you will really have the feeling to be in another country when you travel (so not just a city change in your status field, but a real change in gameplay) and steal better and fancier cars when you are more experienced to keep the game interesting, also for players with high ranks.

Let us know what you think about these additions and if you would like another car in the list ;-) .


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A Big Leap Forward

Again we are a step closer with getting Italian Vendetta 3.0 up and running. In the last days we completed the option formerly known as crime. You can now rob money from persons and get rank progress with it. It’s now also possible to obtain money and see it in your inventory. A gangster can’t do crimes every second so also the lovely wait times between doing criminal activities are back.

Besides this another infamous option arises from the ashes. We kicked the cops out of their easy-chairs and put them back into training, they are already getting back into shape and they will pursue you again during all the criminal activities you do while you play the game. After this we sent some maids into the jail rooms to get away of all the dust, so you can actually count the bricks again in one of our nice jails.

As you already noticed the basic game elements are already getting back into place, waiting for you to click on it hopefully dozens and dozens of time. Get a close eye on this blog because in the upcoming days we will post some more about the progress we are making with the new Italian Vendetta.


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Answering your questions!

First of all we would like to thank you all for all the comments, remarks, questions and feedback in the earlier posts, we really appreciate it! It gives us the motivations to do more than our best. So thanks for that!

Secondly, sorry for the long waiting for this blog post to arrive, but the development of the game sometimes asks too much time of us. I can tell you all that we are still making progress and that you should keep a close eye on this website to get the juicy news first.

We noticed that you had some questions in the posts, and I would like to grab this opportunity to answer those. Firstly we saw a lot of posts when the game will be up. It’s hard to tell because we are still in the pre-alpha development stage, but it’s not a matter of days or weeks. It suits more to think in months. Later on we will publish more information when you can expect the game and when you can try to become a Godfather again.

We also noticed that some of you would like to have an IRC server up and running. We thought about that but would like to get it up when the pre-alpha phase is finished. For now we think this website will suit. If you all think different, please let us know in the comments and we will reconsider.

If you got more questions please state them, or share your ideas in the comments. Keep up the good work with commenting and sharing. And get the other old players back as well, so we can all share our memories and  the good old war stories.



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Making progress

As promised we’ll keep you updated about the status of the development of Italian Vendetta 3.0. In the past week we were busy with creating a dashboard which also includes the menu structure and finished this. It looks really cool and we are very proud on the already impressive results, which we also want to share with you in the near future. So keep this blog in mind.

Besides this we made Travel and we are already capable to travel around the world. Visit other countries and meet new cultures.  This function travel also consists of elements we are going to use in other functions which should speed up the development process of these other game elements.

We also still appreciate if you’ll give us some response in the comments below every post.  If you got any questions, you can always ask us in the comments. Also keep following us on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll hear everything first!


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