Here We Are! (Again)

First of all we want to welcome you all at our new Italian Vendetta blog! From this website we will inform you about the progress of developing Italian Vendetta 3.0. Yes we took Italian Vendetta out of the freezer and we are glad to announce to you all that a new version of Italian Vendetta is coming!

You might think oh wow, wasn’t that also the case a few years earlier? Yes, but back then we had some time issues (as in too less of it). Meanwhile we developed a lot of new revolutionary ideas of which we are really enthusiastic about. We believe that Italian Vendetta 3.0 will take the Mafia mmorpg genre to the next level, without losing it familiar strong points. The great part is we want you to be part of this experience.  So we have locked Divicio up in his room with just a computer, and he is scripting his ass off at the moment.

We made you curious? Well stay tuned at this website and you will get updates every week about the progress we are making. We would really like to get your opinions and feedback about blogs in the comments below every post. You can inform others about new blog posts by clicking on one of the fancy social media logo’s below every post and above that you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook (click on the Twitter and Facebook logo’s at the upper right end of this blog post) so you will be always up to date about Italian Vendetta.

Spread the word! We are back! (This time for real)


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23 Responses to Here We Are! (Again)

  1. Blackparadox says:

    Good job you 2 brothers, I tought you won’t do anything it’s a nice surprise. Maybe if you will open the IRC you will get even more success.
    Once again keep working and give us only good news!

  2. Blackparadox says:

    Good job guys! Hope we will get IV back soon, maybe would be nice if you will open the IRC Server ^^

  3. Bosnin_Zmaj says:

    nice nice :)

  4. justbart says:


  5. Tudor says:

    Long time no see… Good luck, guys!

  6. about time says:

    have followed this site every week for 3 years now… bot now its happening :D

  7. paulo says:

    when this game start?

  8. Wgangster says:


    Go Divicio Go Divicio <3

    If you need some script(s) from me just call my name and I will be there! =)


  9. leon says:

    Oh man,it took so long i was loosing my hope.Was shocked to see the page changed :) I ve missed playing with you boys.Bullit,Vincy,Finger,Hlouro,Hunter,Bolt omg i ve forgot the users,all of you,be ready to rank your asses,i.v comes back to pwn

  10. NeskeZemun says:

    THanks GOD!!!! :) contact me on my e-mail if u need some help

  11. leon says:

    too bad that i cant rank a lot,but its great to be playing and meeting the old friends

  12. Heroo says:

    I like the 1st photo ehehe system here :D . Lets move your ass’s and work we want iv back lets gooooooo

  13. excellent work, thanks

  14. Ruffdmx says:

    humm if you guys need help let me know :/

  15. Lemuel says:

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