A Big Leap Forward

Again we are a step closer with getting Italian Vendetta 3.0 up and running. In the last days we completed the option formerly known as crime. You can now rob money from persons and get rank progress with it. It’s now also possible to obtain money and see it in your inventory. A gangster can’t do crimes every second so also the lovely wait times between doing criminal activities are back.

Besides this another infamous option arises from the ashes. We kicked the cops out of their easy-chairs and put them back into training, they are already getting back into shape and they will pursue you again during all the criminal activities you do while you play the game. After this we sent some maids into the jail rooms to get away of all the dust, so you can actually count the bricks again in one of our nice jails.

As you already noticed the basic game elements are already getting back into place, waiting for you to click on it hopefully dozens and dozens of time. Get a close eye on this blog because in the upcoming days we will post some more about the progress we are making with the new Italian Vendetta.


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54 Responses to A Big Leap Forward

  1. leon says:

    is not it very slow?

  2. Blackparadox says:

    Gogogo \o/

  3. Tiago says:

    These are great news :D

    You’re making an excellent work!

    Keep that way guys :p

  4. Xe_Sn@kE / Xenonist says:

    Keep it up m8s!!
    looking forward to see how it will turn out this time;)
    got irc up yet? ^^

  5. justbart says:

    Wow that sounds good! and fast!!
    gogo firestorm.


  6. leon says:

    killing skill —must be done. and poker would be a good addition too. work harder guys,we have our eyes on the site.on the other hand if you need help,pre donation option would be good. and if you want to get more donators,donating by phone is the best

    • Blackparadox says:

      i think killing skill is useless, if the old ka will get fixed and some tweaks will be made we can start shooting :)

  7. amas93 says:

    Great work !!!

  8. GutGrinder says:

    W00t something is happening here. Keep it up lads

  9. justbart says:

    yes add pre-donating for lion! he got enough cash i think:P

  10. justbart says:

    can you already give us some screens? so we can see the progress !!!:D:D and make some tactics lol:P

  11. Vieira says:

    Great, hope to play this soon : D

  12. leon says:

    killing skill may get things more complex i think,i liked that system in omerta

  13. Misterseven says:

    So glad to see many names of IV here, like leon or gutgrinder!
    I dont know if i gona play again but im happy anyway to know something about you guys! Very slow the progress….


  14. leon says:

    i dont know tha exact time of launching the game.i think i may not rank much but i am happy to see the old friends here.hey misterseven,has been a long time

  15. Oath says:

    oh i remember misterseven. i was killed you in old version :P

  16. Oath says:



    hey where is the bullit(justinian) and other good rankers??

    leon can u add me in messenger? suvari_24@hotmail.com i should talk with you

  17. Misterseven says:

    yes has been a long time, and i miss you guys…
    But now i dont have mutch time to play x( and im playing wow xD
    Oath in last version i was godfather with strider:)

  18. amas93 says:

    what you think about teams???

  19. justbart says:

    Get a close eye on this blog because in the upcoming days we will post some more about the progress we are making with the new Italian Vendetta.

    i don’t want to be negative but before this post you was faster with upcomming news. else put little posts at twitter or something!:D

  20. justbart says:

    best whishes for a good 2011 with a lot of iv and a lot of shooted bullets:D


  21. Bullit says:

    Great news :D

    PS: Hiii guys!

  22. Bullit says:

    Btw dunno how many are still playing

    Since i noticed irc IV still down
    You can find me @ #euphoria on omerta irc



  23. this is going fast.... says:

    and three month later?….

  24. Doughboy says:

    This info is the cat’s pajaams!

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