Happy New Cars

First of all, we of Italian Vendetta wish all of you a happy 2011! The year wherein we can all play the newest edition of Italian Vendetta. So 2011 will already be a blast!

Ok let’s go back to business, we finished in the past most magical time of the year the function steal a car. Forget everything you know about the cars in the last version, in the new Italian Vendetta you can steal more cars than ever (100+) whereby each car got his own feeling and every car is different. As you can see in the picture on the right we have a bunch of specifications for each car, which influence your success in group crimes and of course car races. No random outcome like it’s usual in other games, we let the facts and numbers speak (for the game adepts: like Gran Turismo 5 ;-) ).

Another new thing is that you can only steal cars in specific regions and with specific ranks. So you will really have the feeling to be in another country when you travel (so not just a city change in your status field, but a real change in gameplay) and steal better and fancier cars when you are more experienced to keep the game interesting, also for players with high ranks.

Let us know what you think about these additions and if you would like another car in the list ;-) .


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98 Responses to Happy New Cars

  1. Roting says:

    Nice thing :P

  2. Blackparadox says:

    Not bad :)

  3. Tiago Resende says:

    Nice done :D
    In first place I want to say, Happy New Year everybody.
    In second place, great news again, I think the changes in this “crime” action it’s really good, nice modifications and big list of cars ;)

    Keep on working guys, nice job :D

  4. tax says:

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  5. leon says:

    happy new years everyone.i hope 2011 brings you whatever you wish from it

  6. justbart says:

    very nice that car list! looking forward to play:)

    btw welcome back bullit, time to rank 24/7/365 again?

  7. Bullit says:

    lool not really….:p

    but looking forward to this (long awaited) new version :p

  8. Oath says:

    Bullit in next version, i will shoot you again :p :p

  9. leon says:

    hey bullit.just came closer to u :) i will live in germany from now on :p order me a döner and i will catch u there bro

  10. Jenner says:

    Wow, great to see this, I was loosing my hope.
    Looking forward to the opening day and so excited to see all the good old players I shared so much time with.
    Oh and Blackparadox, Coccada remake?

  11. SansarSalvo says:

    Hey guys.. I miss IV :)

  12. Bullit says:

    @ Oath :> I was hoping of new version where we all could be friends and sim :D

    @ Leon : Drive to holland and ill buy you best doner of holland :p

  13. leon says:

    next week i and my wife will come to venlo for some outlet shopping. btw how r u doin,has been a long time

  14. Blackparadox says:

    Ok cars are done, maybe something else now? ^^

  15. justbart says:


  16. zicaKO says:

    hi hi ppl whats up? is iv finnaly coming up again :p i hope it will be soon ^^

  17. Oath says:

    firestorm new topic or open the game pls.

  18. justbart says:

    ye give us some information please

  19. Denzo says:

    Hello Mob friends , i’m looking forward for the next version, as always the portuguease will own the dutch’s again, but we can wait for that :b waiting to see you all in the next version, besides being our enemies, i miss playing against you guys! Nice Job Firestorm, and keep the good work at full steam!
    Untill there, I keep on waiting for the beggining of the new version, please send us a email when the version starts.
    Happy 2011 to everyone, and i wish that 2011 will be a great “IV’s Year”.
    Goodbye and i hope to see you all very soon, Denzo.

  20. leon says:

    i remember only one version that portugueses won,others have been won by us ^^

    • Oath says:

      hey leon you are always playing with Dutch. But you are not Dutch you are Turkish don’t forget :D maybe this version we can create our team. We can be alliance with your old friends. If you wanna be with us. Or we can come to your team this version. i wait to your answer.

  21. Oath says:

    leon i have to talk with you

  22. leon says:

    you know oath,i am a good ranker,and cant set a name that they want.they insisted on name ilteber,but i dont belong to ilteber. if you think we can agree on a name and top4,its okey for me. lets see,when the game is open

  23. omfg you are so slow… omg work no0b firestorm

  24. Blackparadox says:

    Guys do something or open 2.x, simple enough no?

  25. justbart says:

    ye open this site….
    tryout version?

  26. Oath says:

    firestorm if you will still wait you will lost the iv fans.

  27. Torvek says:

    Any news? im sooo excited about this game..!

  28. Blackparadox says:

    Guys (crew) think a bit, you still have 2.x true? Why to develop a whole new version if 2.x already exists?!?! Use it god dammit (open while 3.0 is developed or find some active crew who has time to administrate and debug 2.x). Hope we’ll see some changes…

    • GutGrinder says:

      The whole script of the 2.x was pretty bugged. Its better to wait for Fire and Div to finish 3.x and be happy 2.x is gone I guess.

  29. Justh says:

    We will update you every week?
    But how ever, nice to hear that IV is finally coming back!

  30. Oblivionplayer says:

    Wow so many old names here…
    But if I remember correctly, one (or more) of the admins once told me about the entire game crashed, so putting it back up wouldn’t be very the best thing to do I guess.
    Oh and of course the Dutch will win again ;)

  31. leon says:

    i think its good to decide a deadline,and if the game isnt opened till then,not to play. is someone kidding me,a simple game,3years to run it

  32. Curse says:

    Hi there o/

    so many memories, watching some comments right here x|
    someone know anything about, when the game comes up?

    shadowangel – curse – kio – Gravanno

  33. Bullit says:

    It’s a shame, that in these games there isnt any information getting to players… it has been 6 weeks since last update..It’s not so much trouble posting progress once in a while.

    Indeed a oldschool version in meantime would be nice :D

    Off topic: Hii Curse o//

  34. Oath-Abdulhey-Punisherboy says:

    hi Curse i remember you ;)

  35. leon says:

    open one of 2.x s ^^

  36. SansarSalvo says:

    Yup.. i wanna play :)

  37. Scalise says:

    Hey you guys ,good seeing IV getting back ,good game and good players too
    Best regards

  38. Oath-Abdulhey-Punisherboy says:

    come on firestorm do something

  39. - Fugitive - says:

    Hi EveryOne!

    ItalianVendeta 4 Ever! :D
    ill be watting … GO! GO! GO!


  40. Blackparadox says:

    So this page seems to be pretty visited, but IV Crew goes from bad to worse, update every week? I think they should sell the script or give it away

  41. justbart says:

    why do i still check this site for updates? xD

  42. justbart says:


  43. Bossy says:

    Nice one guys , so the game still didn’t start …

  44. GutGrinder says:

    Im getting pretty curious how this thing is going to look when its finished.

  45. leon says:

    lets open a facebook group and get connected ^^

    Italian Vendetta Players is the group name,lets get together

  46. Bossy says:

    I still didn’t get answer , Firestorm can u tell any inf. about starting your game we are all curious :)

  47. Bossy says:

    Hey guys u are not answering more than 2 months what is happening update something so we can know what’s going on …

  48. zedascoves says:

    hello good night. someone can tell me when is the iv start?

  49. Blackparadox says:

    IV is simply… dead

  50. Matties says:

    yeah so lets bring it back to life(L)

  51. Venom says:

    Oh dudes! Ford 69 Impala would be so awesome! :D Consider it!

  52. Heloise says:

    It’s much esiaer to understand when you put it that way!

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