Breaking the Silence

Yes, yes! We are still here, and no worries we are still busy with Italian Vendetta 3.0. As such we are making good progress on the project and we are busy with the alpha stage (so the pre-alpha version is already done, which means that all the basic functions are done) and we already started with some preliminary testing.

Still we want to make sure that you keep a close eye on this blog, because in the upcoming days we want to share some interesting news/things with you guys. And of course we want your opinion about it!

We want to thank you all for your loyalty and the support you guys and girls gave and still give us. We really appreciate it!



Oh and ps: we are also going to blog more frequently to keep you all updated :)

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68 Responses to Breaking the Silence

  1. Bossy says:

    Finally guys keep it up , and as soon as possible let us play it :)

  2. - Fugitive - says:

    Yeh! Finally!
    If you want/need someone to test your beta (or alfa) version… you can count with me, full time! (im in vacations)! :)


  3. justbart says:

    wow great to hear there is progress!
    i will watch every day for your updates!

  4. Oath-Abdulhey-Punisherboy says:

    firestorm put the istanbul in iv cities :)

  5. leon says:

    istanbul can be a good option for the Turkish crew. Poker,mega oc and more crimes to make money and rank faster are welcome :)

  6. zedascoves says:

    gogogogo :P

  7. Blackparadox says:

    Wooye this day starts to get better, go go go! :)

  8. Bosnin_Zmaj says:

    nice nice :) )

  9. Voldemort says:

    .open the game man (;

  10. Justbart says:

    can’t wait for a new newsmessage, hope we can play iv soon:)

  11. Bossy says:

    We all hope :)

  12. Moskovick says:

    Nice…i just checked the site after ”i dont know how long”

    and i am glad to see some names i know and glad to see the game is coming back soon…

  13. Matties says:

    I will be back(A)

    played all version cant wait untill its release(L)


  14. Bosnin_Zmaj says:

    anything new ?

  15. bart says:

    Oh and ps: we are also going to blog more frequently to keep you all updated

    i see…….

  16. Bolt says:

    i dont think my gf would take another version of IV haha doesnt botter just play i guess??

  17. Matties says:

    Next topic

    Breaking the Silence 2

    don’t make promeses when you cant commit them.

  18. SopranoS says:

    yes yes yes istanbul plssssssssss

  19. KeyZ says:

    NICE ONE! Let’s go with it!

  20. justbart says:

    show us some stuff:)

  21. Bossy says:

    Common guys let us play , we are waiting this for so long :)

  22. Matties says:

    yeah right i am looking everyday :$ cant wait to play :$

  23. Blackparadox says:

    C’mon brake the silence once again :(

  24. Bossy says:

    Common guys give us some inf. again is pretty big silence …

  25. Fugitive says:

    waiting… boring…!

  26. Blackparadox says:

    cmon guys open 2.x so we can play till 3.0 is done :(

  27. Bossy says:

    This is illusion u will never open up a game guys if u continue like this , let us know every week what’s going on …

  28. matties says:

    Yeah indeed plzz open up 2.0 or tell us what you guys have done that week :)


  29. justbart says:

    Come on your crew…..
    planned this week was breaking the silence 7 lol

  30. AFriend says:

    I have something to offer you guys. Send me an email if you’re interested in hearing me out.

    A Friend.

  31. matties says:

    If you want to tell a joke AFriend go to your lokal pub or something and dont tell any crap.

    Cya guys

  32. xxx says:

    this is bullshit…. (adm) what r you doing …. you making fucking browser game and we waiting to long without any infotmation….

    i you can not finisg game tell us or give us to play!

  33. Arsenault says:

    We’re waiting, i love this game! Cmon!

  34. matties says:

    Plllzzz guys tell us

    Firestorm awake :)

  35. Blackparadox says:

    -_- dudes wake up!

  36. Fugitive says:

    no comments…

  37. matties says:


    dont make them nervous :p idk what there are doing but if they havent got time to reply it has to be a hugh and awsome game :)


  38. Tomasso says:

    this is a part-time job/hobby , so they take a lot of time to start and finishe the game…

    we continues to wait, and wait, and wait and… they dont say nothing :D

    good try

  39. Blackparadox says:

    Well hobby, but c’mon you can make nice money with this game. If they don’t have time for it, why don’t they sell the script or give it away?

  40. matties says:

    Yeah thats a good idea :p just give it away or sell it :) i even got itallian vendetta as my homepage :O how bad could it be :$ how addicted :)

  41. Tonny says:

    it’s may and no news :( like that are breaking the silence? WE wanna iv back… so please do something!

  42. Venom says:

    What has it been?? Like 3 years? o.O. I was giving up on IV, then I thought; what the hell, ill check the website, and then I saw this :D . Gonna be nice to play with you guys (who knows me) again! Can’t wait :D .

  43. Jonny says:

    guys when is this rdy?

  44. KeyZ says:

    They’re fuckin’ with us… One more time… pffff.

  45. Blackparadox says:

    Lies, damn I love them <3 give away that damn script, maybe someone will open the game!

  46. Jonny says:

    upcoming days LOOOL past 3 months and we still here

  47. justbart says:

    ye great isn’t it?
    I don’t believe this anymore.. but still im checking the site daily…….

  48. Ruffdmx says:

    CAn`t wait ^^

    Daddys Coming …

  49. Ruffdmx says:

    I can make a game like this in days so hurry up fellas

  50. Oath says:

    c’mon guys do something

  51. Moskovick says:

    What a bunch of Fools and some Shit communication…

    but i still check the website often XD

  52. Still waiting says:


  53. Blackparadox says:


  54. Oath says:

    damn! i died in omerta and still iv didn’t open :S

  55. Johnavon says:

    Wowza, problem solved like it never happneed.

  56. Easter says:

    If you’re reading this, you’re all set, pranedr!

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