Mea Culpa!

We think you all have noticed that not many blog posts appeared on this website lately; due to private circumstances we experienced some delay. But don’t think we stopped the development of Italian Vendetta. We love this game too much and we really believe it will be good. To show you all that we are making progress, a couple of screenshots of the game will appear on the website this week (this time for real). And we are really looking forward to your comments and feedback about it.

Above that, we proudly announce that we will start with the closed beta on the 9th of August. Yes, this means that you will all have the possibility to try the new Italian Vendetta this summer! Soon the prescription for the closed beta will start (we will keep you posted about it). Later on we will start the open beta and with the help of your feedback the definitive version will be released this year.

Lastly, we want to thank you all to keep confidence in us and in Italian Vendetta. We really appreciate that you still came to the website while we weren’t that active with posting. This shows us that we really have the best players in the world.

Best regards,

Divicio & Firestorm

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24 Responses to Mea Culpa!

  1. Oath says:

    go go go we are so exciting :D

  2. Matties says:

    Omfg a saw a post on twitter abd i thought na its a joke but wtf no men this is serius
    Gl creating

  3. leon says:

    these are great news,looking forward to talk with old friends soon :)

  4. Tiago says:

    Finally some news.
    Hope this time for real.
    I can’t wait for the screenshots :p

    GL :D


  5. Blackparadox says:

    Hell yea!

  6. Tonny says:

    Finnaly will have iv baack, Good job
    I haven’t patience but i will wait

  7. leon says:

    am not gonna rank but will be online to talk with friends :)

  8. Arsenault says:

    Leon you noob xD remember me?

  9. Morta says:

    Geeezzzz… shit…that took some time XD…

    happy to hear this kind of news after so long…ty guys…and cya on 9th of august guys…

  10. Gufy says:

    Looking forward :)

  11. Oath says:

    Firestorm is playing omertaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (.dm) xD xD

  12. leon says:

    yes arsenault,how can i forget you :p

  13. Janet says:

    Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are ansewred!

  14. Ronalee says:

    It’s spooky how cvleer some ppl are. Thanks!

  15. I am really happy for reading this about your provision, great article post. In expediency thank you! Good luck for the next.

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