As promised earlier this week, we are presenting to you… the long expected screenshots! You may wonder, why did you guys wait that long? Well, because we are excited about the new Italian Vendetta with the new lay-out and wanted to keep it a secret for a while because it unveils a lot of Italian Vendetta 3.0.

What you see below are two screenshots. One of the new login screen, and the other is the game interface. We added some cool new features to this interface, like the fact that it’s fully customizable to your needs (and we are talking here about on-the-fly real-time adjusting). This screenshot is just an example of an interface. You want extra menus? No problem. You want to have a long menu instead of a double column menu? No problem. The sky is the limit!

We’ve tried to create an environment in which you think that you are really the gangster. What you see is your desktop with papers and widgets which will make you feel that you are really sitting behind the desk. To strengthen this, you can move and resize the widgets in real-time all over your desk and you can remove or add some more new widgets. Just like you would do if you were sitting there yourself. You will even experience for example some blood on your desk when you get shot, instead of just a simple number-change in your health bar.

If you still prefer the old style lay-out, don’t be disappointed. Because for the people who prefer the old one we also spiced up the old lay-out and we will offer it also for people who don’t like change and for people who got really slow computers with low resolution display’s and ancient browsers.

Tell us what you think about it! You maybe got some questions? Feel free to ask. We are really curious of what you think about it.


Divicio & Firestorm

The new interface of Italian Vendetta 3.0, presenting steal a car

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45 Responses to Screenshots

  1. Oath says:

    it will be a perfect game :D

  2. Oath says:

    there will be Istanbul? Maybe you can put some metropol’s from europe it will be nice because most of players from the europe

    • Divicio says:

      In the beginning we will not put that much cities in the game, but will open some cities later (because of the amount of users). Of course we will open some Italian mafia cities at first, together with some American and Japanese mafia cities. We will open some more cities when the userbase is growing fast (which we hope, of course) and maybe will concider Istanbul as a new city.

      • justbart says:

        It’s great to hear we start with a little amount of cities. in the iv’s of the past there were too much cities.

  3. Scalise says:

    wow nice job divico and firestorm ,the waiting was worth it

  4. leon says:

    haha.this seems to be wonderfull. hope to see ya all there

  5. Blackparadox says:

    w000t wonderful! great job guys

  6. Matties says:

    Wow men this looks so nice cant wait to play again and speak to all proud iv players

    Greetz Matties

  7. Morta says:

    nice guys…real nice… gratz to the devs… ;)

  8. Gufy says:

    Lovely! Cant wait :)

  9. Tiago says:

    Nice job, really…

    For what I’ve read it will be a great version of IV, very customizable… I like it

    Once again, great job :D


  10. Tiago says:

    PS- There will be translations?

    • Divicio says:

      In the beginning there will be English as the main language. Later on, the game will be translated to the languages which are most spoken by the users. Probably that will include Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Norwegian and some others.

  11. Blackparadox says:

    That bar under health is the relaxation or you’ve added energy?

  12. Oath says:

    that is hire detectives console :D

  13. justbart says:

    You f*cking made my day!!!!

  14. Misterseven says:

    Nice job;)

  15. zedascoves says:

    I want to know is when the italianvendetta open

    • justbart says:

      Above that, we proudly announce that we will start with the closed beta on the 9th of August. Yes, this means that you will all have the possibility to try the new Italian Vendetta this summer! Soon the prescription for the closed beta will start (we will keep you posted about it). Later on we will start the open beta and with the help of your feedback the definitive version will be released this year.

  16. leon says:

    Where is hunter and hlouro :) without enemies it has no fun :p

  17. Bossy says:

    Nice job guys , u can release it now :)

  18. Memento says:

    This is so great..! I have played IV from the start. Always suported it. My name is Venom aka Venomous aka Obzen aka Memento. I look so forward to the release! Never given up this game! And it’s really gonna save my life at collage this year. Screenshots looks great, and brings back old memories, looking so forward to it!

  19. Fugitive says:

    Hi All!

    Go Go Go!


  20. Prodenzo says:

    Hi guys how are you doing?
    Looking foward for the release of the beta version, can’t wait to play this game, i loved the screenshots, all this time waiting wasn’t in vain :D
    Leon, dont worry, you’ll have enemies, the portuguease never sleeps man, Hlouro, Hunter, Me, we will be here playing and we will make nights of fun for all of us :D
    Respect, keep the good work staff :D

  21. Ruffrydah, Donsoprano says:

    Hey guys good work! Been missing the game for sum time, and
    Looking forward to play the game again!!

    Cya all in There!

    Keep it up guys!


  22. Tessica says:

    Wow! That’s a raelly neat answer!

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  24. Anonymous says:

    If Italianvendetta build a app they gonna kill omerta.

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