Want to participate in the closed beta?

Hello everybody! First of all, thanks for all your responses about the screenshots. It was a pleasure reading them all, and those screenshots are just the beginning, because as you all know the 9th of August is approaching and that is the official launch date of the closed Beta. In which you all can participate, but first come, first serve.  Because the word already says it, it’s closed so we got limited spots.

Before you sign-up we want to explain the meaning of a closed Beta. A Beta version is Not a real version.  Yes, you can play, and yes, you can do a lot of stuff, but the game is not finished and a lot of functionalities are not available yet. What we ask from you is to play/test the game, give us feedback and report bugs. In this manner we can launch a stable Italian Vendetta without bugs and for example a great Killing Algorithm immediately. Although, all your rank progresses will be deleted when the real version starts, but the experience you will get with the new Italian Vendetta will of course not disappear. The only requirement we ask from you is that you can read and write English.

So do you want to help us, get a sneak peak at the new Italian Vendetta, get some experience with the new game and making the game better than every other game around? Then send an E-mail to Firestorm@italianvendetta.com with a short motivation why you want to help us and your desired username in the mail. We hope we will see you on the 9th of August!


Divicio and Firestorm

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51 Responses to Want to participate in the closed beta?

  1. leon says:

    will be there in action :) have missed you guys. setup a crew family against players.but do not cheat :)

  2. Wgangster says:


  3. Blackparadox says:


  4. Cavalheiro says:

    I’m here! ehehe :D

  5. Cavalheiro says:

    There is already IRC ?

  6. zedascoves says:

    i’am here :D gogo

  7. Matties says:

    Yeah buddy’s

    Were ready to go

  8. Fugitive says:



  9. Moskovick says:

    finally :p..

    got to see all of you 9 aug.

  10. Moranguinho says:

    i will play it for sure :P nice job guys

  11. Ruffrydah, Donsoprano says:

    I wanna test the beta!

  12. Tonny says:

    MEE!!! good job guys ! :)

  13. Ziletti says:

    Hi! I wanna play aswell, looking forward for some action again! :)

  14. PhiLKIp says:

    i’m playing for sure…
    it’s almost up =D tomorrow

  15. leon says:

    #hellrankers back in action :)

  16. Cavalheiro says:

    Leon IRC already exists?

  17. leon says:

    we are talking by facebook cavalheiro.no announcements for irc yet

  18. Cavalheiro says:

    yes yes yes xD
    am I in the group on facebook jajaja

  19. leon says:

    dont forget to mail him

  20. Moranguinho says:

    Sent the email :)

  21. Solut says:

    Already 2 days ago but no answer to my e-mail

  22. Adiana says:

    I am totally wowed and peprared to take the next step now.

  23. Youngy says:

    Waiknlg in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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