The closed beta is up and running!

Today we reached the next step into the development of Italian Vendetta 3.0. On this nice day in the summer of 2011 we launched the closed Beta of the brand new epos of Italian Vendetta. Around 50 people will start today with exploring the new Italian Vendetta universe for the first time. Giving us feedback, get the game in balance.

We will ask from those players to give their view once in a time about the game. Those views will be shared with you on this blog, so also the people who don’t participate in the closed Beta can see what’s happening in Italian Vendetta and see why it’s so great ;) .

If you do want to check the landing page, you can see it on If you want to join but you forgot to send me an e-mail. You can still send me an e-mail and you can maybe be part of the next group of testers.

Anyway we will keep you posted ;) .


NB: If you applied and didn’t get an e-mail from us, please contact us.

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178 Responses to The closed beta is up and running!

  1. Blackparadox says:

    No email yet

  2. Cavalheiro says:

    no email yet :O

  3. Moranguinho says:

    me too…i dont have the email

  4. Ziletti says:

    no mail

  5. Cavalheiro says:

    admin , no mail :O

  6. Ziletti says:

    can’t log in :S :P but got mail

  7. Moranguinho says:

    how you guys have email and me dont -.-

  8. Wgangster says:

    No mail…:(

  9. Firestorm says:

    Don’t forget to check you spam inbox.

  10. Moranguinho says:

    srry firestorm didnt checked :P saw now

  11. Blackparadox says:

    What about the old layout? :D That one still rocks!

  12. Moranguinho says:

    i think there is a problem on searching users …im waiting 1minute around for search a friend

  13. Cavalheiro says:

    Nice lay-out and bad lag x)

  14. Oath says:

    Firestorm i send mail pls check your mail :)

  15. Oath says:

    firestooooooooooooorm give me my acc plssssss :D

  16. leon says:

    i am in

  17. Oath says:

    i m still waiting :w

  18. Oath says:

    C’mon Firestorm i m still waiting give me my acccc :D

  19. Killerzzz says:

    Hit me up with an username and password firestorm xD im curious about how you improved the game I played when Omerta got to boring xD

    gl in your project

  20. Cavalheiro says:

    Oath see in trash

  21. Tomasso says:

    i what the mail :O

  22. Fugitive says:

    First report:(PC and Ipad) writed on 10/08/11 – 8am
    - Amazing Layout (the old one is welcome anyway)
    * easy to find anything, nice shortcuts, great theme!
    - Too slow to open pages and background theme disapear.
    * firsts clicks everything runs ok, normally 5 or 6 clicks later, opening a page is slow as a snail :) (lag i think).
    * when you getout of jail, the next click, open a page without background theme.
    - Race Car (dont tried yet! :( )
    - Statistic Bar on top of screen
    *i like it but… dont do auto refresh and the %numbers are missing.

    Keep going with this outstanding work,

  23. leon says:

    .layout is super
    .server is very slow i think,but menu is super and easy
    .new user profiles are useless i think
    .hard to earn money

    • Firestorm says:

      Server speed will be fixed asap
      New user profiles…. Euhm those you see right now. Are not the new ones :p. The new user profiles will be online soon.

      Hard to earn money. Yes that’s a balance thing, we will tweak it in the beta. Also we changed the value of money to more 30′s style

  24. Chipmunk says:

    Hi Firestorm, how come you don’t answer your mails (not related to beta-testing)?

  25. leon says:

    rank:burglar and 4minutes in prison . we have no busters,and thats a beta version,i think its better to reduce it. prison per crimes are very high. i think 25% we get in prison in a basic crime too. many times with 47% i was caught by the cops.
    stolen cars worth very low,when we say 1car=15bullets and bullets from 150 it makes 2250,but the best auto in my garage costs 244 now.then i think we r not going to have a crusher or have cheap bullets?

    i think its better to open new features that we can test them too

  26. Moranguinho says:

    I think im abuse on this suggestion..can u guys get on the ambush option?

  27. Tomasso says:

    Firestorm, i already send you a email . you close the beta testing or you dont read that. only to know, to havent the hope! :D

    Sorry about being boring.

  28. Tyian says:

    I have alredy sent a email.

    But no response : (

  29. Torn says:

    Great tnihking! That really breaks the mold!

  30. Maryellen says:

    Geez, that’s ubneilevable. Kudos and such.

  31. Arsenault says:

    I got the email sent from you, but can’t login don’t know why… Already sent another email to firestorm and nothing.

  32. Keyz says:

    Still waiting for a response, I e-mailed you at 22 August…

  33. SnakeD says:

    I have not received any mail :( :(

  34. Hunter says:

    Nice to see that Vendetta is coming back!

  35. Kabalito says:

    Hey Firestorm,
    Nice to see your work is paying off. Been a long time coming.
    Congratz to you and Divicio ;)

  36. KeyZ says:

    still waiting

  37. Miguel Santos says:

    Hi…..Good Job guys

    I want to play the game.
    But i don´t know what i have to do for play…

    If someone can sent an email to me….i would like :)

    Tanks for your atencion.
    i´m wating for awser…To my email please.

  38. Bowen says:

    Sry, but I did not receive the email.

  39. Karlao says:

    hey ppl.. firestorm can i join in beta version please? i need have to do something

  40. Prodenzo says:

    I’m not playing the BETA version, but i would like to hear some news from you guys once in a while, please keep posting here!

  41. Passarinho says:

    Yeah, or you guys give us some news or launch the game already, tired of waiting. Launch it ! xD

  42. Alysa says:

    I wanna play also! I’ve mailed but haven’t got an answer?

  43. Congar says:

    any word on when the finished version will be launched?

  44. Vegardo says:

    Will the game be lunched before 2012?

  45. Moskovick says:

    Lol I wanted to play this again but this just takes too long…this way I think you´ll be losing more players every day…

  46. Polenne says:

    Can you create me a account plz ?

    i wanna play this betta version of IV .. let’s open it friends..

  47. Cass says:

    yo guys,
    you dont need to worry if you dont play this beta, cuz the game is dead, but i mean it, nobody is only for weeks now, and there are not even a word from admins, i contacted them few times, but nothing, so, i dont think that vendetta can not be evensuccessful as it used to be, and not to speak to become better then the old vendetta ( v2.4 and those versions).

    if somebody wants to see what the game looks like, here is my account, and please do not change password, so other can see the game too

    Account name : Cassius
    Password : dejan000

    • Xenonist says:

      This is a bit embarrassing …
      I’m an ex-admin from the old times. I got no idea what the crew are thinking…

      • Flexy says:

        Indeed, agreeing with Xenonist.. Havent been checking this game out for a long time.. thats why I am crazy many years laters :P
        Also a old game admin, same time as Xenonist..
        Strange people wont even get an answer..
        greetings from Flexy

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  49. Bossy says:

    This takes too long .

  50. plastikman says:

    i already sent an email.. where’s the login pag?

  51. plastikman says:

    I already sent an email.. where’s the login page???

  52. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  53. Bowas says:

    I would really like to play this game again. I remember playing this a few years ago and it was AWESOME. Unfortunately I do not get an email back with a BETA account, and it is taking really long now since the beta is up and running. Does anybody know how long its going to take before the game will be launched, or how I get a beta account?
    Thanks in advance,


  54. Karlao says:

    firestorm please can i enter in beta version? i need play something or i go crazy=|

  55. Zane says:

    It’s been over a year since firestorms last post. Iv mailed atleast twice but got no reply. And before someone says he’s busy, that was at the beginning of the year. So I need to ask… Is work still going on on Italian vendetta or not?

  56. leon says:

    its too bad that we have lost connection with admins and players.i missed all the team,and in the coming winter it could be awesome to get together in the game. admins go on working,you really suck,it has been 3-4 years now

  57. deja says:

    hey leon, you are right, we have waited over 3 years, and when they said that game will be released, now its stucked at beta, and nobody is playing…

    i already sent msgs to divicio and firestorm, but no one responding, is there any chance for you to get in touch with them, and see what is happening..??


  58. leon says:

    sorry dude,i have lost contact with admins.i think we have to give up on vendetta because i dont see any improvements by admins. i think they have found new jobs and forgot about italianvendetta

  59. deja says:

    ah, too bad, it will be good if atleast could get back the old version 2.4, but guess that seems impossible now, as we lost touch with the admins…

    too bad, this game was the best game i ever played…

    do you know maybe some other game like this one, except omerta?
    vennezia is down also, that was not bad game at all, too bad that faifas quit from the project…

  60. Marisa says:

    hello everybode.. i am a old player of italianvendetta old versions… and i wish to keep playing too :( i miss so much the game and play with you guys :( can i play too?

  61. justbart says:

    It’s unbelievable when i see how many players still post on this bloc nowadays.

    I wish together with all the old players there comes a moment that iv will be back.
    Please all post on this message so the admins can see we will still play this game!

  62. deja says:

    its just doesnt matter, because admins forgot about this game, and i dont think that iv will be back online ever again…

    the only way is that someone who knows them, speak with them in real life, and see what is happening…

  63. leon says:

    only open the version 2.4 agin,we accept playing it with bugs,with no resets too :)

  64. Blackparadox says:

    The game is forgotten, that’s it. I wish they could sell or give it away because it’s amazing! I’ve talked to Divicio and that’s when they started this blog and I thought there is hope, but it isn’t. I don’t know him IRL, I found his email on Google

  65. karlao08 says:

    ppl, if you want play a nice game join in my game please.

  66. Juho says:

    I’m thinking of creating a new game, in fact already got some basic stuff done. Just wondering if people are still interested in pretty much text based games.. If you are interested drop by at our IRC: (You will be automaticly joining the main channel)

  67. Juho says:

    PS. You know me by nick Somethief

  68. Naruto says:


  69. Oath says:

    really i miss the IV

  70. Ziletti says:

    What’s going on? :/

  71. Hunter says:

    So no IV? Does anyone knows wha’t happen to the admins?

    • Xenonist says:

      The crew is alive and well but stuff happend in all our lives that put IV out of our lives a bit more brutaly than planned.
      But it might be an idea to keep your eyes on the facebook page ;p

  72. leon says:

    This game was something more than a simple game.We were a family here.We were all brothers and sisters from different countries,regions. I know time changes everything but i find it very unfair to our family. It has been more than 4 years that we r still waiting for it. I find it very unfair to close that game and make our family apart. I have been married,have a son,have a new job and a new live.But i miss this game really,i miss my brothers.I miss the nights we plan,we fight,we create families,alliances.Suicide attacks,Vegas casino fights,Vegas BF buying races. That game was more than a simple game and i could do all the help i can if there was a way to get the game running.

    Respect to my brothers. find me at

    Guantanamo-Aequitas-Prisma-Hellrankers forever :)

  73. karlao says:

    nothing new?
    i want play this game again

  74. Rainofdeath says:

    Wow, I even know a couple of the names here… after 4 years…

  75. Heroicdragon says:

    Aaah, memories!! I want to play this game again…

  76. Oldschool says:

    Hmm nothing happening here or at the beta.. remember vennezia from the same time? some might… well it looks like prereg just opened now at /

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  80. GutGrinder says:

    Guess IV wont come back? :)

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  82. fatih says:

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  83. Jenner says:

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  85. leon says:

    hey bros,

    how are you all doing? very long time since the last post. lets get together again in a facebook group or sth likee that.
    has anyone here became very rich? i need rich brothers :p
    write to me at

  86. Oath says:

    anyway guys, if you are playing omerta my ing is Harleyquinn send me a message. And if italianvendetta will open, i can come back.

  87. Gufy says:

    Happy new year guys!! Who is still alive in 2019?

  88. Gufy says:

    Im pretty sure it wont happen…

  89. Vejle says:

    We want IV back!

    Love from Denmark.

  90. Solrac says:

    Such a blame let one gamem like this die :S

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  94. leon says:

    Hi guys. Years pass so fast :( email me guys. Living now in Germany :)

  95. Leon says:

    Hello Firestorm,

    do you stil have the Script? i am willing to buy it if you are interested.Please mail me

  96. Gilean says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to check this website after 14-15 years. Just miss old times.

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